Night Rating

Outline of Requirements

Night Rating1.   Prerequisite: Valid Private Pilot License

2.   Prerequisite: Club membership @ $50.00 (including HST)

The Night Rating is available to private pilots flying airplanes, helicopters, balloons or gyrocopters. The course is a minimum of 20 hours of pilot flight time. There is no written examination or flight test. The flight time includes not less than:

    (1) 10 hours of night flying with not less than
      (a) five hours of dual flight time, including two hours cross-country,
      (b) five hours solo flight time, including 10 takeoffs, circuits and landings, and
    (2) 10 hours dual instrument time of which not more than five hours may be instrument ground time.
(Instrument time flown on the Private Pilot Course may be counted.)

Sample Costs

Aircraft Type > Cessna 152 Cessna 172M Cessna 172S
3 Dual Instrument Hours - 3.6 Hours Total(*) $576.00 $630.00 $702.00
2 Hours NT361 Flight Simulator $90.00 $90.00 $90.00
5 Dual Hours (includes 2 hours cross country) $800.00 $900.00 $1000.00
5 Solo Hours $625.00 $725.00 $825.00
3 Briefing Hours $105.00 $105.00 $105.00
Transport Canada licensing fee $30.00 (HST exempt) $30.00 (HST exempt) $30.00 (HST exempt)
Reference Material Optional Optional Optional
Total  $2,226.00 + HST $2,480.00 + HST $2,752.00 + HST

(*) If you did not receive five hours of instrument training in the Private Pilot course, 5 more hours of dual instrument is required at an additional cost of $900.00.

Skill: Within the 12 months preceding the date of application for a night rating, an applicant shall have successfully completed a qualifying flight under the supervision of a Transport Canada Inspector or a person qualified in accordance with subsection 425.21(4) by demonstrating the level of skill specified in the Flight Instructor Guide-Aeroplane.

Rates may change without notice

To download a Student Information Package in PDF format, click here.