Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Outline of Requirements

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)1.   Prerequisite: Valid Private Pilot License

2.   Proof of age 18.

3.   A Class 1 medical examination completed by a Transport Canada approved doctor (CAME).

4.   A minimum total of 200 hours flight time, of which a minimum of 100 hours shall be pilot in command (PIC) time including 20 hours cross country PIC flight time. Subsequent to the issuance of the PPL Sixty-five (65) hours of training is required as follows:

  • 20 Hours of dual instrument
  • 10 Hours additional dual
  • 5 Hours dual night (a minimum of 2 hours of which are night cross country)
  • 30 Hours of solo

5.   Transport Canada requires a minimum 80 hours of ground school.

6.   A Transport Canada written examination must be completed with a pass mark of 60% in each of the four categories: Air Law, Navigation, Meteorology and General Knowledge.

7.   Club membership @ $50 (includes HST) per year.

Link to Transport Canada Study & Reference Guide:

Link to Transport Canada Flight Test Guide:

Sample Costs (Includes costs for night rating(1))

Aircraft Type > Cessna 172S
10 Dual Instrument Hours $2,000.00
10 Hours NT361 Flight Simulator $450.00
10 Dual Hours $2,000.00
5 Dual Night Hours $1,000.00
30 Solo Hours $4,950.00
10 Briefing Hours $350.00
Ground School $275.00
Reference Material $65.00
Transport Canada written examination fee $105.00 (HST exempt)
Transport Canada licensing fee $80.00 (HST exempt)
Medical examination fee $120.00(2) (HST exempt)
Aviation Language Proficiency Test $50.00 (HST exempt)
Flight Test fee Approx. $200.00
Build time 95 hours $15,675.00
Total  $27,320.00 + HST

(1)  The five hours of instrument training and the 5 hours of dual night instruction from the Private Pilot night rating can be credited towrds the total flight requirements for the commercial license.
(2) The actual fee charged may be less.

Rates may change without notice

To download a Student Information Package in PDF format, click here.