Ground School

Ground school starts June 4th.

Ground SchoolGround School will be offered throughout the year in both Halifax and Debert. Details and registration by contacting General Manager, Denyse Sibley Or CFI Mergim Veliu 902 662 2228 or 902 758 5177


1. Ground school will be held at the Debert Flight Centre from 7PM to 10PM in accordance with the schedule shown below (Schedule subject to change). To reserve your spot today, contact our General Manager or CFI at (902) 662-2228 or (902) 758-5177.

2. A Moncton VNC map, E6B flight computer, protractor, ruler & pencil are required for the Navigation classes & School exam.

3. To write the TC Private Pilot Exam, you must have: a valid medical, at least 10 hours of flight training, completed a 40 hour PPL ground school and a signed letter from the School as proof of meeting the prerequisites. To write the CPL exam, you must have: a valid Class 1 medical, 100 hours of flight time, completed a 80 hour CPL ground school and have a signed letter from the School as proof of meeting the prerequisites.

4. Commercial students can receive their additional ground school requirements & signed letter directly from their instructor.

5. Written examination for Private & Rec are by appointment only at the Debert Flight Centre. Commercial Exams are at the Transport Canada Centre.

Ground School Schedule (June 2018)

June 04
Aerodynamics & Theory of Flight
Denyse Sibley
June 06
Flight Instruments
Val Kyte
June 11
Airframes, Engines & Systems
Val Kyte
June 13
Intro., CAR's - Part III Aerodromes & Airports
Mergim Veliu
June 18
CAR's - Part IV Personnel Licensing & Training
Denyse Sibley
June 20
CAR's - Part VI General Operation & Flight Rule
Mergim Veliu
June 25
TSB; Air Traffic Services & Procedures
Denyse Sibley
June 27
Flight Operations - General
Denyse Sibley
July 02
Flight Operations - Aircraft Performance
Yasser Taqi
July 04
Flight Operations - Use of Performance Charts
Yasser Taqi
July 09
Flight Operations - Wake Turbulence & Aircraft Critical Surface Contamination
Yasser Taqi
July 11
Navigation #1
Stu Fairchild
July 18
Navigation #2
Stu Fairchild
July 23
Navigation #3
Stu Fairchild
July 25
Navigation #4
Stu Fairchild
July 30
Meteorology - Theory
Denyse Sibley
August 01
Meteorology - Theory
Denyse Sibley
August 02
Meteorology - Report, Graphical
Yasser Taqi
August 06
Meteorology - Reports, Text Based
Yasser Taqi
August 08 Radio & Electronic Theory Yasser Taqi
August 12 Human Factors & Pilot Decision Making Denyse Sibley
August 15 TBA (storm day make up) TBA
August 20 Club Exam Denyse Sibley

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