Visiting Pilots

From out of town, and out of the country.

Scenic Flight ToursAny pilot interested in renting an aircraft from the Club's fleet who has not rented from the Club within the last 60 days will be required to complete a short checkride with one of our qualified flight instructors before they are eligible for rental priviledges. This checkride can be used to satisfy the requirements of Transport Canada's two-year currency program.

It is useful to book ahead as aircraft are rented on a first come first serve basis.

Pilots with a non-Canadian license

Are you planning a trip to Nova Scotia from another country, and would like to rent one of our aircraft for some local flying? We have some of the most incredible and diverse landscapes in Canada, and they're all within an hours flight from our central location. In addition, most of these scenic areas are accessible without having to contact air traffic control, so you can focus on the scenery, not the radio communication.

Preparing is easy

A foreign pilot licence of a visitor whose residence is outside Canada may be validated for private recreational purposes. The foreign pilot licence must be valid under the law of the issuing state and valid for the privileges appropriate to the specific purpose. An applicant should apply for a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate (FLVC) before arriving in Canada.

The FLVC will be issued for a period of one year at which time the applicant may choose to renew it, or apply for a permanent Canadian Pilot Licence. Below is the process to apply for the FLVC:

    1. Fill out this form
    2. Include a copy of your licence, medical, and the form, and fax it to 204-984-2069. It takes 1-2 days to process and then you can fly solo in a Canadian registered airplane.
The cost to process the application is $45 Canadian and may be paid by credit card, certified cheque, or money order (cheques should be made payable to 'Receiver General for Canada'). To pay by credit card, call 1-800-305-2059. To pay by certified cheque or money order, send your payment to:

    Transport Canada
    P.O. Box 42
    Moncton, NB
    CANADA   E1C 8K6
Questions? We're here to help! Feel free to contact us for more details concerning aircraft rentals from our Club.

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Press the "play" button in the above video to view some of the incredible scenery within an hour's flight from our airport!