2016 News

What was happening at the Club.

2016-Dec-03 - Aircraft rental in the Valley! For all you pilots based down in the Kentville/Waterville area, we now have a Cessna 172 available for rental out of Greenwood. Contact us for more information (or to book some flight time!).

2016-Nov-27 - We'll be hosting a breakfast this Saturday morning (December 3rd) between 9 and 11am. We'll have the usual fine fare prepared in the same loving way you've come to expect and enjoy! We start cooking early so you can eat at 9am and have all the energy you need to take care of all your pre-holiday errands. Join us for the camaraderie, chatter, and cheer!

Obtain your Night Rating

2016-Sep-09 - Take advantage of the earlier sunsets and pleasant weather to work towards your night rating! Night flying tends to provide smoother air to fly in versus the day, and other air traffic is not only sparser, it's easier to spot. Night flying opens up a whole new world of opportunity, so why not start today! Click here for more information.

45th Annual Stanley Fly-In

2016-Aug-24 - Fly-out get together for the Stanley Labour Day Fly-In! Join us in Debert around mid-morning on the Labour Day weekend (September 3rd or 4th) for a quick hop over to Stanley's 45th Annual Fly-In. A twenty minute flight gets you some great company and the finest ribbon fries money can buy! Click here for more information- hope to see you there!

Air Show Atlantic 2016

2016-Aug-07 - Calling all pilots! Why not plan on coming out to the airport the morning of August 20th or 21st and fly your Bug Smasher up to the Miramichi to attend Air Show Atlantic? GA aircraft are welcome, and what more appropriate way to attend an air show than to attend by air? Click here for more details. Let's get there by air!

Steak and Lobster Dinner

2016-Jun-08 - It’s baaaaaaack!!! Our annual Steak and Lobster Dinner is happening Saturday, June 18th, starting at 6:00pm! $25 buys you one steak, one lobster, a variety of salads and sides, and tonnes of home-cooked dessert goodness! There will be a bar service as well. Tickets are on sale now, so call or email to reserve yours today (or stop by the Club to pick them up!) - Hope to see you there!

Fly-out to Stanley

2016-May-15 - Stanley Sport Aviation is inviting everyone to their Annual Victoria Day Fly-in Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, May 21st and 22nd from 8:00am untill noon each day. Show your support by coming out to the Debert airport Saturday or Sunday morning (or both mornings!) to join in a fly-out to Stanley! Breakfast includes eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, toast, coffee, tea and juice - all for only $6.00 (Not a bad haul for a twenty minute flight!). Click here for more details, and we hope to see you there!

Fly-out to Fredericton

2016-Apr-23 - The Fredericton Flying Club is inviting everyone to their 50th anniversary fly-in and BBQ on Saturday, June 18th. Show your support by coming out to the Debert airport that Saturday morning to join in a fly-out to Fredericton! The destination will be the general aviation area of the Fredericton Airport (Fredericton Flying Club hangar), and the event runs from 10:00am to 3:00pm. We hope to see you there!

Wings Parade

2016-Apr-18 - We'll be hosting a social event on April 29 at Frank and Gino's on Juniper Street in Truro starting at 6:30. The event has three main parts: presentation of certificates to members who have gotten a license or endorsement at TFC, a slide show presentation of the recovery of a wrecked WW2 Hurricane from the wilderness near Gander, and to have a fun evening with like-minded folks.
Please contact us if you decide to attend, as we have a private room arranged so seating is limited. The full menu is available, so you can have what you want!

Ground School Days!

2016-Apr-17 - Plans are in the works to start a new round of ground school at the end of April. Everyone who’s interested please contact Dave Debay (ddebay@flytfc.ca) or call us at (902) 662-2228. Contact us now to make sure you get on the list!

I Ate Across the Strait!

2016-Apr-16 - I ATE ACROSS THE STRAIT! Instead of just the $100 hamburger, why not throw some $100 pancakes and sausages into the mix as well! COPA Flight 188 (Debert) and Flight 57 (Charlottetown) are partnering up for THREE separate days of flying and feasting. On June 4th, July 2nd, and August 6th (i.e. the first Saturday of those three months), stop by CCQ3 for breakfast between 9 and 11am, and then hop across to PEI for lunch! Click here for more details. PS- Show everyone your fly-in pride! Click here to order an event t-shirt!

Bring on the Night!

2016-Apr-02 - With the snow gone and the weather a little warmer, now’s the perfect time to start (or continue on with) your night rating. The air tends to be calmer during the evening and early morning hours, and air traffic is reduced (and easier to spot). Take advantage of air time available to only a select group of pilots! Click here for more details, then contact us to arrange a booking time with one of our instructors.

Summerside Rust Remover Fly-Out

2016-Mar-29 - Attention all Debert Airport pilots! COPA Flight #57 and PEIFA are hosting a Rust Remover this Saturday, April 2nd, 9:00am at the Summerside Airport. Speakers include Bill Jameson, Val Kyte, Roy Montgomery, Brian Chappell, and Paul Tymstra. Anson’s will be hosting the group for lunch, and the program is scheduled to wrap up around 3:30.
Why not plan a day on the Island this weekend and fly over for the seminar? The Summerside airport will be staffed for the day to accommodate any who wish to fly to this event, and remember to call five minutes before entering their zone (there may be SAR aircraft visiting). Hope to see you out at the Debert airport Saturday morning, bright and early!

2016-Feb-17 - We'll be hosting a breakfast this Saturday morning (February 20th) between 9 and 11am. It is short notice, but come in early and you'll be full enough of pancakes, bacon and sausage to get everything else you planned to do done without stopping for lunch!

2016-Jan-02 - Winter Flights Around the Maritimes - Some of the most dramatic and spectacular aerial scenery of the Maritime provinces can be found during the winter months. From the rugged coastlines of the Nova Scotia mainland, to the snow-capped plateaus of the Cape Breton Highlands, to the ice ravaged currents of the Northumberland Strait, the Maritime winter offers something for everyone! Click here for more details. If your interested in a more "hands-on" experience, why not try an introductory flight? Check out a first hand article detailing an introductory flight, and then contact us to arrange yours!