What's happening at the Club.

2018-Feb-12 - All pilots (and families and friends) are invited to attend a breakfast-brunch-lunch fly-in at Scottsfield on June 24th between 8am and 2pm local time. Besides being a fun day and a "Gathering of the Clans", the organizers want to acknowledge the 40 year flying career of Ernie McLean and the valuable and tireless effort that he has contributed to the flying community in the Maritimes. For an added interest they plan to have antique and sports cars on display courtesy of the local auto clubs. They are expecting between 30-50 aircraft and ATC for the Scottsfield strip will be on 123.2. If you wish any further information you may contact Peter Forbes at Debert pilots - plan on heading out to the Debert airport bright and early on the morning of June 24th for a fly-out to the Scottsfield Airpark!

2018-Feb-11 - The Truro Flying Club Annual General Meeting is DELAYED until April 3rd because the President of the Board is away for work until then. The meeting convenes at 7PM. This is a "Three Director Year", which means we should be prepared to elect 3 directors to replace the 3 that have reached the end of their 2 year terms. Please plan to attend and please consider nominating someone for the Board of Directors that you think would act in the best interest of the Club and members if elected.

2018-Jan-24 - Debert has an automated weather service! Effective January 19th, 2018, CCQ3 now has it's own AWOS station. When you're ready for your departure or arrival weather info for Debert, you can now dial in 122.55 to receive weather info for the field (including your altimeter setting!).