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Membership List.

The following is an alphabetical list of current and former Truro Flying Club members who have agreed to have their e-mail address listed on this web site. If you are a current or former club member and would like your e-mail address listed here or if you would like to be added to our e-mail distribution list that informs members of upcoming events at the club send an e-mail to the Webmaster.




Sean Barry sean.barry@ns.sympatico.ca  
Brian Bingham brianbingham@hotmail.com  
Matthew Burgher mburgher@hotmail.com  
James Butler jamesbutler@eastlink.ca  
Arnold Carter abcarter@eastlink.ca  
Wayne Cochrane waynedcochrane@gmail.com  
Curtis Cooper cjcooper@accesswave.ca  
Christopher Coote service@abisystems.com  
Amanda Corkum a_man_d@hotmail.com  
Robert Corkum Robert.Corkum@aliant.ca  
Andrea Cox angeouteast@yahoo.ca  
Jack Davison jackdd@accesswave.ca  
Jason Dawe jdawe@thezone.net  
Capt. F. Dearden navigair@ns.sympatico.ca  
Stephen Elliott sjfelliott@yahoo.com  
Stu Fairchild tfc@ns.sympatico.ca Honorary Life Member and former General Manager
Linda Ferguson kotnfreedom@tru.eastlink.ca  
Harold Foote duch.foot@sympatico.ca Founding Member and Honorary Life Member
Robert Francis robert.francis@pwc.ca  
Paul Gamble pgamble@aviation.ca  
Bob Garnhum bobgarnhum@yahoo.ca
Paul Garner pgarner@orenda.com  
Dave Gilmore nstarheel@hotmail.com
Teri Goiziou tgoiziou@hotmail.com
Don Gooding dgooding@ns.sympatico.ca Honorary Life Member
Richard Goulden rd_goulden@hotmail.com  
Mike Gourd mikegourd@gmail.com  
Chester Gourley chestergourley@hotmail.com  
Jack Gray jackgray60@gmail.com
Lynn Gray lynn@lynngray.ca  
Kevin Gromack kevin.gromack@ns.sympatico.ca
Shirley Hallee shirley_hallee@hotmail.com  
Tina Harriott tina.harriott@hughes.net Former TFC Board President
Sich Hassem aviatorfly@hotmail.com  
Shawn Hatton luscombe@aurocom.com  
Rob Hubley sahubley@ns.sympatico.ca  
Chuck Hunziker charles.h@ns.sympatico.ca  
Kevin Joudrie tkjoudrie@hotmail.com  
Kevin Karnis kevinkarnis@tru.eastlink.ca  
Joanna Kolokythas jkolokythas@hotmail.com  
B.J. Lalonde bojolalo@hotmail.com
Sebastien Lemire saslemire@hotmail.com  
Dan Lloy dlloy@ns.sympatico.ca  
Roy Logan rufus@eastlink.ca  
Scott Logan logan@gremlin.ca  
Jerry MacAlpine jerry_macalpine@hotmail.com  
Bob MacDonald raf_mac@istar.ca TFC Founding Member & Training Officer CASARA Debert
Erin MacKinnon rinnychick@hotmail.com
Lew Malloy lmalloy@hotmail.com  
Tim Matthews timmatthews@rogers.com  
Mike McCarthy mike@darksidekites.ca  
Stephen McCarthy smccarth@hughes.net Former TFC Board President
Merrill Miller millermm1@ns.sympatico.ca  
Larry Mott mottl@halifax.ca  
Rob Mowry skydiveunlimited@ns.sympatico.ca  
Gordon Murray gordon.murray@chello.at  
Elmer Penner elmroseplace@msn.com  
Jeannette Perry perryjeannette@hotmail.com  
Ernie Prowse eprowse@eastlink.ca  
Chris Pryor cpryor@brookville.ca  
Doug Publicover pilotpubs@hotmail.com  
Bill Redfern bredfern@eastlink.ca
Mike Regan an327@chebucto.ca  
Shane Riddle shane.robyn@ns.sympatico.ca
Peter Ripley pripley@nbnet.nb.ca  
Rob Rivard k_r_rivard@ns.sympatico.ca  
Donald Rodgers mardon@tru.eastlink.ca Honorary Life Member and former General Manager
Virginia Rogers sailor_neptune_17@hotmail.com  
Ron Ross rosscan@ns.sympatico.ca  
David Roy david_roy@ns.sympatico.ca  
John Searle jhsearle@hotmail.com  
Derek Shiers dshiers@eastlink.ca  
Denyse Sibley denyse_sibley@hotmail.com General Manager-Person Responsible For Maintenance
Brian Smith briansmith14@hotmail.com
Bruce Smith supergazoo@tru.eastlink.ca
Quinn Smith quinnjem@yahoo.com
Gordon Stewart mgs@eastlink.ca  
Jim Sutherland ve1jds@ns.sympatico.ca  
Chris Taylor ctaylor@tru.eastlink.ca  
Krista-Lee Teed kmteed03@hotmail.com  
Craig Theriault humanacata@hotmail.com  
Glen Thompson glen.thompson@ns.sympatico.ca  
George Toole george.toole@lafarge-na.com
Bruce Trainer rbtrainer@eastlink.ca  
Brian Whidden bwhidden@icloud.com
Mark Wilson kturner@navnet.net
Darryl Woodcock darryl354@hfx.eastlink.ca