Simulator (Elite PI-135)

Economical credit towards license requirements.

SimulatorBuilt around the ELITE Pro Panel II Flight Console, the PI-135 can be used for complete start up, flight, and shut down procedures and is recommended for instructors, flight schools and universities wanting complete procedural training capabilities at a moderate cost. It is also great for introducing non-instrument students to basic aircraft operating procedures. The ELITE Pro Panel is equipped with a Hobbs meter and panel ON/OFF key lock, making it a good choice for flight schools wanting to closely monitor simulator usage. The PI-135 comes with the ELITE AP-4000 Tower Avionics Panel and ELITE Rudder pedals.


Send an e-mail to: or call (902) 662-2228 and we will be happy to reserve simulaor time for you.

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Simulator (Elite Premium)

FREE access to an ELITE simulator!

We have a Precision Flight Controls simulator with Elite Premium software. You can't log time on this one but it is free to use whenever you like. It has over 10 different single and twin engine planes with different avionics packages. The plane list includes a Cessna 172 and 182, a Seneca, a King Air, a Mooney, Barons and Bonanzas and more! Drop by the club and give it a try! For more information about the Elite Premium software, Click here.