Reasonably priced and well maintained.

Any pilot interested in renting an aircraft from the Club's fleet who has not rented from the Club within the last 60 days will be required to complete a short checkride with one of our qualified flight instructors before they are eligible for rental priviledges. This checkride can be used to satisfy the requirements of Transport Canada's two-year currency program. Our aircraft are guaranteed to be very reliable and are mechanically maintained to the highest standards possible by an on-site AME.

It is useful to book ahead as aircraft are rented on a first come first serve basis.

When you rent a Truro Flying Club aircraft you can relax knowing that it was professionally maintained and serviced by only Transport Canada certified mechanics. We focus on quality service and leave the maintenance to the professionals.

GBXQ (Cessna 152) GEDH (Cessna 172M)
GTDI (Cessna 172N) FAUX (Cessna 172S)
GFRU (Cessna 172S)
Simulator (Elite PI-135) Simulator (Elite Premium)